Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Swatches & Review: Orly It's Not Rocket Science

(Still on vacation, back on the 18th.)

There's an amusing (I hope?) story about this polish. I first heard about it in a video on youtube (it might have been one by MissChievous, but I'm not positive on that) and I thought it was called It's Not Rock, It's Science. I was delighted by that "discovery" because it reminded me of U2's guitarist, The Edge ("The scientist of the band", anyone?). I spent the next few days going HEE HEE HEEEEEEEE :DDD (I'm fairly sure this is also when the U2 nail polish idea was born.) Then I looked for it online and realized it wasn't called that at all. I'm STILL disappointed. :((((

Anyway, on to the pretty. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

*drools* This is one of my favourite green polishes. I love all the polishes from this collection, but unfortunately I only own this one. I can't quite bring myself to pay the ridiculous prices on ebay. Meh. MOVING ON.

Totally in love with this polish. <3


  1. Perfect nails!!!
    beautiful, kisses

  2. This is a great color..... I want it!!! I just got Halley's Comet and its also very pretty... but yes expensive!

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  4. It's sad when we think one thing and then discover it is another one :P But nonetheless this is an amazing colour, and you are better than me 'cause I have no Orly nail polish at all and you own at least this beautiful unique golden green! :D
    (see.... I removed the comment I left before because I always thought this was a Zoya and not Orly XD and I babbled about Zoya all the comment *fail*)

  5. Oh i <3 it! And your nails are amazing!