Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Pink Wednesday: more glitter layering!

Hello lovelies!

All my Pink Wednesday manis seem to be some variation of glitter over pink polish. Meh. I just suck at nail art and I don't own very many pinks, so I usually resort to spicing them up with glitters so I can pull them out again to use in another combo should I run out of new pinks. Not very exciting, but there you go.

Anyhow. I ended up really liking this mani, so I hope you'll enjoy it too despite its lack of originality. <3

Doesn't the blurriness make it look even more awesome?

I cannot stop looking at my nails. I'm absolutely fascinated and amazed by what happened. I was all OH LET'S SLAP SOME GLITTER ON THIS and then this happened. I am in love. <3

For this mani I used one coat of China Glaze Snow Globe (UH-MAY-ZING) over two coats of MAC Steamy (I admit it, I snorted at the name). I really wasn't expecting anything remotely mind-blowing, but boy did this mani turn out pretty. :) The pictures really aren't doing it justice. It looks like my nails are jewel encrusted. And on fire. And possibly tripping on LSD.

Ahem. Yes, I am currently having a love affair with my nails. :D

What are you guys wearing on your nails today?


  1. Wow that IS quite pretty :). I've enjoyed your writeup of this mani a lot too!!! :). Lol

  2. Love that glitter.... I need more glitter polishes... they go great with everything :)

  3. Love this :D
    I'm wearing Maybelline's Forever strong in 180 Pink Fuschia and on the ring finger i got Opi Teenage dreams :)
    Pink ang glitters FTW :P

  4. @Marta: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. I'm always happy to amuse :)

    @Polish AMOR: Glitter makes the world go round, darling! :D

    @Neza: Oooh, that sounds pretty! <3

  5. Wow, time to put Snow Globe on the wish list :)