Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Pink Wednesday: Catrice Raspberry Fields Forever

Hello lovelies!

I'm sorry I haven't been around to post or comment or reply to anything, but my messed up sleep habits are getting the better of me. I didn't really want to unleash my sleep-deprived mind on you guys (R = best letter ever. <3) so I just stayed away. Besides, today is the first day with some actual sunlight!

So, let me say right away, I had to cut my nails and now they're super short. I cut them for several reasons and it had to be done, but I am so deeply unhappy with them. I'm back to being thirteen and embarrassed about my tiny nails and weird thumbs. :(

Raspberry Fields Forever is a bright, hot pink creme. The colour totally freaked my camera out. It's not darker per se, just...deeper. If that makes sense. (Which it most likely doesn't. I need sleep.) Two coats plus topcoat, application was a breeze.

That's it from me, pretties. I'm going to get some shopping done and try to stay awake until at least this afternoon. Wish me luck getting around to actually sleeping at night!

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