Saturday, 18 June 2011

OPI Last Friday Night

Hello lovelies! Happy Saturday!

Today's polish is OPI Last Friday Night. I picked this up back when the Katy Perry collection was finally released in Austria, painted my mom's nails with it once, but never wore it myself. I always loved the polish, but something kept me from wearing it. What a pity, because this is one gorgeous polish!

Isn't that stunning? It reminds me of mermaids and light reflected on water. <3 I used four-ish coats of Last Friday night, because my nails are super stained and sheer polish is not an option. Application was easy, though the polish was a bit on the thick side.

That's it from me. Short and sweet for a change. I hope you all had a wonderful day!


  1. I own this too but hated it for being sheer... I think this inspired me to give it a second try!

  2. This makes my brain go 'mermaidmermaidmermaidmermaid.....' ;P

  3. Sieht toll aus! Wir haben zur Zeit Katty Perry and Burlesque OPIs on sale in Douglas, jetzt dass ich deine Swatches anschaue, überlege ich mich, ob ich mir vielleicht ein Paar von den kaufen soll.. :)