Thursday, 2 June 2011

Swatches & Review: Zoya Kimmy

Hello lovelies! I hope you're all having a good week so far. <3

Today I'll be showing you one of Zoya's Sunshine Collection polishes: Kimmy. I've been curious about Zoya for quite some time now, but only recently found an etailer that sells them. Let's call this my first time using Zoya, because I would really like to draw the curtain of charity over the atrocity that was my first experience with Zoya (totally my fault, not that of the polish).

Kimmy is a gorgeous vibrant red with golden glitter. No matter the lighting, your nails always look sunlit. So beautiful. <3

This is two easy coats; application was smooth and effortless. The only thing I "dislike" is the drying time. Since quick dry topcoat isn't an option with Zoya I used Nubar's Freeze Dry quick dry drops (is that what they're called?!) which makes the polish dry much faster than it would on its own, but for an impatient spazz like me that's still a LONG time. Ah well, for such a unique and beautiful polish I'm willing to put up with that. :)

Do you guys have any tips on how to use Zoya polishes?

EDIT: Ack! Where did the cat hair on my ring finger come from?! *looks at sleeping kitty accusingly*


  1. Sieht wunderschön aus!! So strahlend und sommerlich!
    Mit Zoyas bin ich immer zufrieden, noch nie hatte ich Probleme oder Klagen.. hast du auch andere Lacke aus Sunshine Kollektion? Ich würde sie gerne auf deinen Nägeln gucken :)

  2. I find that Zoya's color-lock system works the best with their polishes, but truthfully, Zoya's one of my favorite brands mostly because it's usually so easy to work with :) I have Kimmy too, and it really is gorgeous!

  3. @Biba: It's beautiful, isn't it? :)

    @Charlotte: I'm totally loving it!!

    @ritterbraten: Ich liebe diesen Lack auch sehr. Einfach eine tolle Sommerfarbe! Ich habe noch Faye und Rica (zumindest glaube ich heißt der Lack so...) Werde sie demnächst swatchen! :)

    @Larie: I've heard that their color-lock system works well, but since I only have three Zoyas at the moment I didn't want to go out and buy it to be honest. But we'll see, maybe I'll end up buying it :)

  4. Beautiful for sure! I need this polish in my life! :D

  5. I found that Seche vite works with my Zoyas as long as I wrap the tips with the seche... It might just be my body chemistry though?? I'm not sure haha.