Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Friday Favourites: Lush 9 to 5 Cleanser

Edit: Way to fail, blogger. I posted this yesterday morning. *facepalm*
Good morning, pretties!

First of all, I realize that it's Monday and this post should have been up a while ago, but I was busy the past few days and simply didn't manage to take pictures and put something up. I can't guarantee this won't happen again; my mind is all over the place at the best of times.

This week's (well, last week's, but anyway.) Friday Favourite is Lush's 9 to 5, a liquid face cleanser.

 I have been using this cleanser every time I've worn makeup for the past month or so and I absolutely love it. I have been looking for the perfect liquid cleanser for a while now and this might just be it. It thoroughly removes foundation, concealer, powder, blush, lipstick and even non-waterproof eye makeup (though I prefer to use a separate eye makeup remover) and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. This is amazing when you come home from an exhausting day or a night out and just feel completely drained and you have that oily, gross sensation on your face from wearing makeup for too long and sweating and stuff; it instantly makes your skin feel refreshed and baby soft. This smells very strongly of orchid, which I love and, in opinion, the scent makes you relax even more. Almost like aroma therapy. (If you want a neutral smelling cleanser, this is so not for you.)

According to the Lush website this is made with almond oil, dove orchid and everlasting flower absolute and has a cleansing, anti-bacterial and soothing effect on the skin. I can honestly say that I agree with all of those.

How I use this: What I do is squeeze a decent amount onto my fingers and apply it to my face; I like to rub it into my skin a bit, because I feel this helps work the makeup off and intensifies the moisturizing effect. Then I just use a cotton pad to wipe it off and I'm done. I don't usually apply moisturizer afterwards - only if my skin feels extremely dry and irritated - and unless you have very dry skin you probably won't have to use moisturizer either.

I have the 95g bottle, but there is also a larger size which I will definitely get when I run out. I think this is a first for me - liking a skincare product enough to repurchase. Usually I'm never quite happy and end up picking up a new product every time I run out. Perhaps it's because my skin is extremely sensitive and basically needs a different treatment every other day. We'll see how long this cleanser works for me, but right now it's perfect for my skin. :)

Do you guys have a cleanser that you keep repurchasing? Or any product for that matter? Or do you just keep picking up something different every time?

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