Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Review & Swatches: Essence Hello Holo worn over p2 Who Cares?

Before I say anything, just so you guys know, it's 4AM where I am and I'm kinda sick, so I might not be making as much sense as I currently think I am. :P

Today I have for you another one of the Essence Special Effect topcoats: Hello Holo.

[Feel free to skip straight to the pictures, but here's a little story about buying this baby. I picked it up and, as I always do, looked at the name and read Hello Hello instead of Hello Holo. As some of you (you know who you are) may know I love U2 and the chorus of their song Vertigo starts with "hello hello"...... Long story short, I got excited, sung to myself in the middle of a store and was horribly disappointed to discover the lack of U2 connection when I got home. So much that this has been standing around untried for weeks.]

This is one coat of Hello Holo over two coats of p2 Who Cares and a coat of topcoat to make it smooth and shiny.

Firstly, these pictures do not do this mani justice. Let me say that again, they do not do this mani justice. It looks really dull and well, non-holo here. Hello Holo is tons of hex holographic glitter suspended in a clear base and, let me tell you, it is insanely holo. Even in the lamplight it's crazy. I couldn't stop staring at my nails. I love the combination of the minty, pale blue of Who Cares? and the silver holo glitter. When the light caught it right it looked like snow in the sunlight. On an LSD trip. (Or at least what I imagine snow in sunlight must look like when you're on LSD.)

This is making me crave holo polishes. I wasn't really impressed by them until I had this on my nails. Now I want the real deal. (I'm extraordinarily good at only getting into things after they're long over. *facepalm*)

Like I said with Mystic Mermaid, the other Special Effect topcoat I've tried, this wore extremely well. The pics were taken on the thrid day of wear and there's no tipwear to speak of and only one minuscule chip on my right pointer (and that was from opening a can with my bloody fingernail). Really impressed.

I'd also like to say that I just saw I've reached 10 followers, which honestly boggles my mind. I mean, I've been blogging for barely one and a half months and people are actually reading my blog? That's. That's just crazy. Thanks guys. <3


  1. Diesen Top Coat mag ich auch sehr, er kann ja jede Mani richtig schmücken! Ich glaube, dass es echt schwierig ist, an die Fotos das ganze tolle Effekt wiederzugeben. Und ja, ich hab erst im Laden seinen Namen als "Holo Holo" gelesen :)

  2. @ritterbraten: Oh ja! Der macht jeden Lack zum Hingucker! Haha, ich glaube wir waren alle so von den ganzen Glitzer abgelenkt, dass wir auf den Namen gar nicht mehr geachtet haben. ;)