Friday, 29 April 2011

Swatches & Review: Essence Andy, You're A Star!

Happy Friday, lacquered lovelies!

Today's polish is from an Essence limited edition from a while ago. I know, I'm way late in posting these.

Andy, You're A Star! in nobody's eyes but miiiine is a vibrant orange creme. It's less muted than it looks in these pictures. This is three coats and I could have used a fourth as there was quite a bit of dragging and streaking going on. You can see a bit of a bald spot on my pinkie as well. (Not sure why my nails look so funky in the second pic O_o)

It's an okay colour, but I'm not blown away. Application wasn't great either. Not one of the best or prettiest polishes I've ever used. Then again, I did buy this for the name. :D (Any The Killers fans out there?)

That's it from me for today. Not feeling too hot so I'll be spending this Friday evening curled up on the couch with comfort food. Have a nice rest of the day/night, everyone! <3

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